About Us

MOD Hotel Software works mainly with leader-hotels in tourism industry. Over the years, working with specialists and qualified high-level personnel, our company provides professional services 7/24. In order to get the maximum level success of products offered to the last user, besides the software our company provides consulting services.

MOD Hotel Software corporately and scientifically caters for a lot of high level hotel managements, financial consultants, and also in this list presents the Universities who conduct the test researchs. Our software is one of the biggest and eldest in tourism sector and left behind the brilliant 30 year old history, is a proof of confidence to our company. Created by the corporate organization the software MOD, provides continuous and long term guaranteed confidence.

MOD for Windows version is equipped by the latest innovations in terms of software technology. All reports, prepared by the Crystal Report technology, support lots of different formats, such as: Excel-Word, Outlook, Csv, html, PDF. Hence, users are given the opportunity to create and produce their own reports. Reports that will be generated from the system, will help company to choose the right solutions in the future direction.

With database security, data protection against viruses and automatic backup system, the loss of information is impossible. User's mistake is reduced to zero, the integration between the modules designed to reduce the operational load to minimum. With detailed authorization system, with ability to determine menu and program right for each users individually, only appropriate and authorized persons will be able to use the program. Besides, with the features of easy use, shortcut keys, fast educability of person and wide variety of reporting in program, it has a well designed and flexible structure. It has a very detaile d LOG system. All operations done by users can be looked through with all detail. All operations in the form of create, change or delete, are stored in LOG and can be looked through easily.

Due to wide use throughout Turkey and increased number of personnel who can use the program, the adaptation of new personnel to the program is provided in the shortest time.

General Characteristics

  • Maximum practicality and flexible use
  • Management by one screen that facilitates learning
  • Integration with momentary identity notification system
  • Passport data transfer
  • Full conformity with the 5651 LOG system
  • PBX , PayTV, Doors, Fire and Interface
  • Features of SMS-MMS and E-mail
  • Messaging inside the enterprise and Infoboard
  • Remote management of MMW, IOS, ANDROID
  • Functional reports, Statistic and Graphics
  • Use of remote access due to cloud system
  • All automatic parametric vouchers
  • Unlimited number of enterprises and users
  • Consolidation for groups of companies or enterprises
  • Instant update considering changs in law
  • 100 % compatibility with Excel-Word-PDF
  • Rich and flexible choice of reports
  • Detailed LOG and Authorization
  • The powerful architecture for Windows and Visuality
  • Advanced database and Safety
  • Automatic backup

Why MOD Hotel Software?

  • Low cost, High performance
  • Gaining the benefit from features of latest technologies
  • Over the years, working with qualified high-level personnel, our company provides professional services 7/24
  • The more important thing is not to Sale, but after Sale to do Support as a base
  • Being the first software company for hotels in Turkey and reflecting the professionalism of work of our company
  • 30 years of knowledge and experience
  • Instant Implementation of Technological Innovations and Improvements, constant update of used components
  • All questions of Back Office & Front Office Client negotiated only with one firm, Absence of problem with integration
  • Enterprice-Specific Solutions

Business partners

Software improvement

Crystal Reports


LG - Ericson

Interactive TV


5651 Data recording in accordance with law

Art-in systems

Electronic-Evolution & Self-recording payment devices


Channel management


Client satisfaction


Door locks

Kale Kilit

Passport & Identity card

Kimlik Okur

Sensory devices for the restaurant (POS) and Systems of continuous monitoring of Personnel


Server & PC Desktop & Provision of printer equipment


ЕRP Softwares

Microsoft Dynamics AX
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Eta SQl


We are in constant search of people with abilities, who want to join our team.

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Transitional to the new year Electronic-Invoice/Electronic-Archive and Electronic-Ledger

Tohether with transition to New Year, companies which will be the tax payers of ELectronic-Invoices/Electronic-Archive and Electronic-Ledger, in order to avoid the density of work in December month, now by taking the Financial E-Signature, can complete the registration. For correct and unmistakable completion of apply processes and financial e-signature, you can contact our office.

Operations which must be fulfilled in Mod program during the transition to New Year

Together with transition to New Year, operations which must be fulfilled in MOD program, on your PC you can download from here.

Parameters of legal payrolls

Parameters of legal payrolls you can download to your computer from here download.

Wishes & Complaints

In this section you can leave Offers/Wishes/Complaints relating to program Mod;

Information about banks


Аkbank Euro

Haşim işcan Mh., 07100 Muratpaşa - Antalya / Türkiye

Telefon : +90 242 249 56 00

EU IBAN : TR47 0004 6008 9203 6000 0439 96


Işıklar Branch office

Akbank US Dollar

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Işıklar Branch office



  • We offer you the most right solutions for your needs
  • Dozens of modules at your fingertips, will satisfy all your needs
  • You can manage only from one platform with all the most critical points in hotel
  • Work is reduced to minimum, due to strong integration between modules
  • Due to transparent and clear pricing, you will not meet with hidden surprise costs
  • Special applications prepared for hotel groups, connected by a one point and can easily trace the Management of Guests and consolidated processes
  • With ModHotel Software daily processes finishes in easy and fast form, and due to it you can separate the time for services from which your guests would feel special themselves
  • Due to intuitive understandable interface, there is no need for a lot of clicks to fulfill the processes. Click the right button of mouse in difficult situations, and this instantly will allow you to make the necessary actions
  • For successful functioning of work, our team provides software services 7/24 by world standards
  • You have not too late yet in order to be in list of Select recommendations, get pleasure of working with ModHotel Software

Momentary Identity Notification System is now easy with Kbs_Connect, without having to automatically register your guest records with the KBS system!

  • Check/In, Check/Out, Room Change, Automatic notification Plate Change
  • Automatic data transfer with TC Identity Number Query to the Hospitality software you have used
  • Automatic transmission of all guest information to the KBS Police system without leaving the user initiative
  • KBS_Connect_Mobil application enables KBS to keep track of notifications made by the management instantly
  • Back-up of guest information stored in KBS in PDF and Excel format
  • Full Integration Compatible with All Hospitality Software
  • Over 300 KBS Hotel Reference

Mod Cloud Backup Service

Your data is under the confidence of Mod Cloud Backup Service

All data used in MODHOTEL Software, stored in secure centers of MOD Server

All daily Data concerning to ModHotel Software backuped in VPS system cloud, and in case of need to reverse recovery, for your information this service presented below.

  • Easy installation
  • Quick tuning
  • Full and perfect backup
  • Zero data loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Improved file compression
  • Management of flexible capacity
  • Pay as much as you use
  • 7/24 Technical Support


In this section you can fulfill Individual and Group reservations. In reservation process after will be fulfilled the entering of Client name and surname, on the same screen you can look through whether there is a Repeat, information about previous staying of guest, personal wishes and complaints together with blacklist options. In open reservations, on the day of entry, besides of rate options, you can set the currency of desired date. With the PM folio application, you can collect the whole bill of group in one folio and due to it can fulfill a printout the bill of group. Due to message at Check-In, message at Check-Out, H / K message and Post-it application, no detail could not slip away from the eyes of user.

At the enter of reservation, you can trace the Quota, Sell more tickets than there are seats, get the warning of Stop Sales, or you can enter reservation as Confirmed or in Waiting. Due to Reservation and Registration Type of Room, in the moment of reservation you can trace a difference between the type of room, which has been reserved and which was given to guest. Looking at the entered agreements, price discounts (E / B, Promotions, Brochures, Kickback, etc.) automatically throws over within the authorities, if the user will want he can interfere in discounts, can set the price, or between the dates of check-in and check-out, in any desired day he can set the desired price.

In time of reservation, you can set the room number. With feature of Super block, the sale of reserved room to another guest, will be limited within the authorities for other users. Connected with reservation the Voucher, copy of Passport, Form, e-mail and other information, in the form of file saves in the section "Documents". The entered booking form can be sent to customer by e-mail.

Company Code

You can determine information of invoices and information about contacts of agencies and firms, due to the feature of grouping, looking at the market share, you can divide the firms by categories. With the option Company Master, forecast reports and statistic reports of different or the same types of companies, you can see only as one firm.

By determining only reliable companies, besides of their reservations, other reservations from unreliable firms you can enter in system only with determining the option of Self-Payment. In the section "Default", by defining some quick options with features, within the seconds you will be able to complete reservation processes.

With feature Agenda, you can save all notes of fulfilled meetings or meetings which will be fulfilled, in written and audio form. Due to section "Documents", you can store different types of documents and agreement-correspondence concerning to company.


City hotel-Boutique hotel-Resort-Holiday villages, to any of these concepts you can enter a detailed agreement in an appropriate form. For city hotels, instead of entering an agreement for each firm individually, you can connect 3-4 kinds of determined codes of agreement for the endless number of Agencies-Companies.

In this section, you can also fulfill a detailed addings of Shares, E/B-Kickbacks, Brochures, Daily discounts which are usually used for Holliday villages and Resort hotels. From here you can apply determined prices based on Check-In and Accomodation, you can set a sequences of discounts, and choose which discount with which will apply cumulatively. With feature "Price calculator", you can enter an agreements in a fast and practical form.

Allotment / Stop Sales / Breakdown

You can determine records of Guarantees, forecasts and quotas, in accordance with the types of rooms between the dates in the form of Agency or the Master. You can enter mass number of rooms and besides of it, you can divide into Single, Double, Triple, looking at the types of beds.

Stop Sales: with this application, you can stop sales, looking at the code Only of one Agency, Type of Room, Currency or Market. When you create a reservation, and when you select appropriate dates, the system automatically gives a warning.

Breakdown: You can determine the difference of pension between the dates on Agency, on type of Pension and looking at the different types of currency's: per person or per room, as a Percentage or as a Price. In this section you can see the differences of reports: such as Rate Control, Trial Balance and Manager Report.

Check-In / Group Check-In

In this section, you can fulfill all processes of Check-In, together with the determinations of Extra folio. Due to Quick Blocking feature, you can greatly save your time. At reserved Check-Ins, on screen of receptionist will automatically appear a warning messages. At Check-In you can establish beforehand at what day, what price will be during the accommodation.

Within a short time of 1-2 seconds, you can send to program MoD all passport details of foreign customers with help of integrated passport reader. With help of button Discounts: you can apply a discount to any department , to any room, in any proportion. In accordance with the agreement, the price will automatically be assigned.

Users within the competence, can interfere in discount on price, or E/B, Kickback, Brochures. With LOG feature for selected room, from the moment of reservation and till the very end, you can trace all changes which was fulfilled by the User in the form of enter/correction/erasure. With feature Group Check-In, you can complete check-in process for a few seconds in rooms on which was put a block earlier. In intensive time to Guests will be put the Kiosk near the Reception department, or they will be given a Tablets with help of which they can make check-in processes Independently.

Check-Out / Group Check-Out

In this section fulfills the processes of One room Check-out or Group Check-Out. In Check-In card, entered messages about Check-Out and Post-it notes, automatically appears on the screen at the process of Check-Out. Thus, has removed the opportunity to lose sight of important notes at user.

In time of Check-Out, when paying as C/L (credit) guest bill is automatically closed, for guests with Extra balance, at closing folio, from the side of system at user will be requested with help of which process he filfilled it (Cash, Credit Card, etc.). Together with completion of Check-Out process, Invoice and Folio will be printed. Without leaving an Invoice screen, Invoice for room can be written out separately and for Extra things also. By tracing a record of 4 different folio in one room, all of them each separately, can be written out as Invoice.

Clients who are closed the bill in advance, without waiting for the queue on reception, can independently fulfill the Check-Out process with help of Kiosk or Tablet.

Guest Card

In this section is filled the information of Identity Card of Guest. Due to integrated reader of Passport Information, all information are automatically transferred to program and for exploiters it plays a great importance in saving time and money. Besides of it, in this section can be looked through an information related to invoice of Guest, and details of written out invoice to the Guest.

You can trace from here the previous Accomodation and Folio information, how many times he came and stayed, how many rooms, extra, and also the amount of revenue which was left. From here you can trace an information of Personal wishes and Complaints which is filled in Questionnaire. In the Documents section, you can store copies of Identity Card & Passport or correspondence related to the guest.

Speed Key

  • Assignment procedures, you can do assignment individually or assignment of mass number of rooms
  • Together with menu Rack Room and Rack Dated, you can from one screen use the features of the check-in, check-out, room change, transfer folio and many others, and also in Rack shows the variants of color that are set from parameters
  • With the function Current Status, you can instantly look through the statistic of rooms/number of people/occupancy, agency, market or country
  • With option Quick Keys, you can fulfill a lot of processes at the same time, and also you can determine functions for the 12 functional keys
  • From one screen you can request information about the customer, Expected-Inhouse-Check-Out
  • With function History Folio, you can trace all actions check-out rooms, feature of charging of mass folio
  • With function Re-Call Check-Out, within the authorities you can re-call Check-Out back in the same day
  • With Exchange processes - automatically occurs rate transfer from the Central Bank, also exchange operations, control Lists and together with the approximate exchange list the transverse processes of the exchange
  • Processes of Invoices, you can write out single and mass invoices, also written out invoices from the control list, looking at the types of VAT, detailed controlled
  • Vip/Complimentary forms
  • In Special days (birthdays, weddings, etc.) label printing, e-mail and sending SMS
  • Automatic change of periods


  • From Housekeeping Rack, on one screen you can see detailed state of all rooms, can change the state of rooms (clean, dirty, on repair), confirmation of Rapid Rooms
  • There is a feature to confirm of Housekeeping from Telephone/Tablet/PDA (handheld terminals)
  • Housekeeping Report, Discrepancy Report(front-office, h/k discrepancy)
  • Supervisor Report, Maid Report, Bed Sheet Change Report
  • Monitoring of Lost Things and reports relating to it
  • Tracing of Maintenance Update, Entered Maintenance Updates automatically go to the printer of Technical Service in the form of SMS, also PDA (handheld terminals), Smart Telephones, Feature of Tablets, Maintenance Update Report and Statistic Report


  • 100 percent compatibility with all stations
  • Telephone guide and connected to it the control lists, Monitoring of Alarm
  • Determination of Sales price to Client with cost prices, PBX Cost Reports
  • Automatic Confirmation of H\k by telephone from room, Entering the minibar and feature of entering the Maintenance Update codes
  • After Check-In, opening a telephone line on room for calls Inside the Country and Abroad, and also automatically closing at process of Check-Out
  • Conversations about Work/Personal character, fulfilled through the Station, automatically processed in clients folio together with tracing of office conversations, also Station conversations reports and taking the list of monthly conversations of Subscriber

Night Audit

  • Control reports till the End of Day
  • Room Posting - automatically entering of room prices
  • KBS-AKBS Notification of Identity Card
  • End of Day processes you can complete in a few seconds
  • Automatic transfer of exchange rate from the Central Bank
  • After the End of Day, automatically applied the orders of periods changes or price changes
  • End of Day Reports are automatically sent to determined users by e-mail


  • Lists of Realized Arrival / Realized Departure Clients - Lists of Expected Arrival / Expected Departure
  • Inhouse List
  • Room Price control lists
  • Official Guest Lists
  • List of notification about information of Identity Card to the Police
  • List and Orders of price changes
  • Lists of Room Change and Transfer Folio
  • Received and Canceled Reservations
  • Non-arrival Guest Lists
  • List of Inhouse guest's debt of Room /Extra
  • Department Incomes Report
  • Maincurrent
  • Detailed Cass Reports
  • CityLedger List
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Approximate statistic of room price
  • Regular Guest List
  • List of control of address/e-mail/date of birth of Guest
  • Hotel Forecast, Type Room Forecast and Agency-Company Forecast
  • List of comparative occupancy in Last year
  • Approximately expected Forecast of Room-People-Incomes
  • Revenue Report by Departments
  • Manager and Management Report
  • Detailed and comparative reports and schedules of success of agency-country-market
  • Tourism Ministry Check-In and Bed Night Report
  • Control lists of Guest's Wishes and Complaints
  • Questionnaire Control and Statistic Report
  • Invoice control lists according to detailed type of VAT
  • POS Sales and Cashier Reports
  • H/K Supervisor ve Maid Reports
  • Maintenance Update and Lost Things Lists
  • Telephone conversations of Оffice/Guests
  • Detailed LOG reports


Account Plan

You can determine accounts which corresponds to plan of Monotone account. Detailed account number which is supporting up to 20 characters, can be used to determine the corresponding consolidation of Group companies.

In Account Plan, can be written out an automatic vouchers together with determined accounts of Cost and Reflection. Besides of it, from here you can determine the parameters of Budget, BA-BS, Check-Debt Document-Inventory Card-Dekont.

Processes with Voucher (corresponding with Electronic-Ledger)

In this section, you can fulfill processes of Deduction-Payment-Charging from the opposite side. You can set the Voucher Number yourself, or you can select the automatic function. When choosing automatic voucher number which belongs to previous days, because of automatic issue from system of last number of voucher, and at fulfilling the conservation of vouchers at that day, the order of date/number of check do not mix.

By using the feature of closing month in Parameters, in vouchers in which the account period was closed by mistake, the processes of correction or removal will be blocked. After the sending of Electronic-Ledger records to the Ministry of Revenue Management for corresponding months, the processes of entering/correction/deleting in any form are not fulfilled.

All actions which are fulfilled in processes of Voucher, are stored in LOG. Deleted voucher can be returned back. At the entering in Voucher there are an automatic VAT division, BA-BS feature, Exchange process, and also different variants of Mod calculators. Being inside the Voucher, you can open a new or current account, and also can look in Subsidiary ledger.

Determinations of Current Codes

This section is used for determining the Current code in Plan account for 120 guests, 320-Sellers. In this section, you can determine the company contact and invoice information, variants of work with exchange, and term of day. In time of determination, the system automatically issues the current code number, and in corresponding reports can be prepared in alphabetical order.

Current is not a separate module in program Mod. At the same module can fulfill all Accounting processes, with no need of integration. Opened Current codes can be used automatically in Stock and Personnel programs.

Processes of Front Office Revenues

From the section of Revenue processes, with a single click you can make a transfer of front office revenues to accounting department. After the necessary inspections, while writing out an automatic voucher of Revenue, in determined accounts are created the records of Incomes.

Incomes transfered from the Front-Office, firstly they are transfered in accounts of control, after this when writing out an invoice, accounts of VAT and Incomes begin to work automatically. Thus, in Front-Office the debt of Active guests is traced at the account "Debt in Reception" at Accounting department.

From Accrual through the Cash Accounting, you can write out an Invoice through the processes of Accounting.

Voucher-Debt Document-Inventory Card-Budget

Processes of Taken and Given Voucher are working connected with Deduction Vouchers. From the Deduction processes, fulfilled on account the processes of 101-Taken Voucher and 103-Given Voucher, automatically create a record of Voucher looking at the parameters. Looking at the date of payment of the debt, you can trace lists of Taken/Given Vouchers. Besides of it, in this section you can fulfill determining of Check Dept, Dekont, Bank.

Inventory cards you can in details determine looking at the parameters of Department and Main - Sub group. Inventory Card Control Lists and Amortization Book can be taken. Revaluation and Amortization vouchers can be written out automatically.

After finishing of Budget Codes, from the section of Account Plan, determined the parameters on corresponding accounts. After the steps of Entering Budget, Planned figures will be entered per month. Realized figures are created automatically from the side of program. You can take detailed reports from the List Comparative Budget.

Automatic Deductions

Daily Accounting processes are fulfilled with minimum staff in a very short time, due to integration of all modules with each other. In this section you can write out reports, such as: Voucher of Opening and Closing, Voucher of remainder of the Income, Voucher of Accounting and Front-Office Invoices, Voucher of Reflection and Costs, Voucher of Reflection of Incomes and Expenses, Voucher of Exchange Valuation, Voucher of Revaluation and Amortization, Voucher of Personnel, Store Receipt Account Auto Voucher, Voucher of Cost and Consumption, Voucher of Returns.


e dönüşüm

e-Fatura By writing out an invoice in MOD program, from the side of program automatically requests the information about whether there is the Buyer in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice. Without no need for any interface, invoices written out from the program, automatically will be visible in system of Personal Integrator. Through the portal of Integrator will be delivered to Buyer. Archiving of Invoice realized in cloud. Invoices that coming from portal can be Accepted/Cancelled/Rejected. With detailed authorities can determine which user, what processes will fulfill. LOG records are stored. From here can be taken a detailed reports concerning to Electronic-Invoice.

In time of processes Coming-Outgoing Electronic-Invoices, no need for that the Financial E-Signature was connected to computer. All reports can be traced only from computers to which are given the authorities.

e-Arşiv For all people and companies who are not included in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice, writes out an Electronic-Archive Invoice. At writing out an Invoices, in case if an e-mail address is written, then the written out invoice is automatically sent to the customer's e-mail, or if customers asks an invoice in a paper form, an invoice printed out on A4 sheet and given to the client.

Electronic-Archive Invoices concerning to the month before last, tracing up to 15th date, are automatically sent from the side of integrator into the system of Ministry of Revenue Management.

Even if Financial Electronic-Signature will not be connected to computer, you can create Electronic-Archive Invoices from computers whom were given the authorities.

e-Defter MOD creates a file for records of daily Wages, driven in the past through the schemas of control which envisage and correspond to standard data and format of Ministry of Revenue Management. Created file is uploaded in the integration portal Electronic-Ledger.

Create Raw file in the cloud system from the side of MOD, by queue signed, then creates a patent and sent to system of Ministry of Revenue Management. The signed patent files from the side of Ministry of Revenue Management are loaded back into the system of cloud. These processes are checked by the user automatically.

Created Patent and Electronic-Ledgers backuped in cloud within 10 years. The stored electronic documents are considered the proof according to the law.

At process of sending the Ledger, Financial Electronic-Signature must be connected to your computer.

Accounting Reports

  • Extra and Subsidiary Ledger Actions , Detailed and Group Reports
  • Yearly Contact/Account Abstract Summ Reports grouped by month
  • Extra of Period Calculation
  • Letters of Agreement
  • BA-BS Agreement Forms
  • Contact Aging Balance
  • Plan of Payment and Prepayment
  • Report of Agencies Success
  • Agency Payment Plan Lists
  • Creation of Bank Instructions
  • Looking at the Codes of Group, Lists of Trial Balance
  • Detail and Jeneral Journal Trial Balance
  • Trial Balance of Current Accounts
  • Yearly Trial Balance
  • Applications of Electronic-Ledger compatible with Department of Revenue
  • General Ledger, General Journal and Patent files preparation
  • Cash Book
  • BA-BS Lists of Control
  • Currency Valuation Automatic Vouchers
  • Financial Lists
  • Schedule of Incomes and Expenses and Profit and Loss List
  • Reflection Automatic Voucher
  • VAT Discount Report
  • List of Revenue and Income
  • Processes of Taken and Given Voucher Debt Document and Voucher Dekonts according to Maturity Date
  • Inventory Control Lists and Amortization Books
  • Comparative Annual Income-Expenses Budget Lists
  • Detailed LOG Reports

Stock & Cost

Stock Card Information

In this section, you can determine the products through the parameters on Main Group, Top Group and Bottom Group. At Stock Cards besides of Units, VAT and Types of Material, you can add images, you can define a Fixed Discount Rate, and also you can determine the parameters of Minimum-Maximum stock level.

You can look through for all years all the cumulative actions of selected product in Stock Card menu separately, and also can compare with previous years. On contractual products you can use the feature of Fixed Price.

Due to determining the Barcode you can fulfill a quick enter of Receipt Update and Calculations. Besides of it, you can look through from one screen a selected Stock card of remained in Main depot the Units/Number and Approximate price, and also the last and the penultimate purchases of concerning product and from which seller how much was bought.

Receipt Update and Transfer Voucher

Entries such as Invoices/Waybill/Producer you can fulfill from Receipt Update. In Accounting program, opened the current account, works with Sellers integrated. Within the authorities, from the same screen you can open a New seller. Receipt Updates entered as a Credit, at the Entry of automatic voucher, processed on Current account of relating seller, and records entered as a Cash, processed on Purchasing Account. Record of products belonging to Invoice can be fulfilled in Main Depot and such products as Meat/Fish/Vegetables and Fruits directly can fulfill the exit in Main Kitchen. For these products do not need to create a Transfer voucher separately. Besides of it, in Receipt Update you can use features of Withholding (half from VAT) and one of Tax types. You can look through the fulfilled entries of Number of products into the Main Depot, state of Amount, last and penultimate purchases from Seller. At the enter of Invoice, for products which do not have a Stock card, you can determine a new card from the same screen.

With Transfer voucher you can transfer the products from the Main Depot in Departments and between Departments. The processes of Return from the Department in Main Depot are fulfilling from the same place.

Transfer Voucher, Counting and Interactive Counting Voucher, Damaged Voucher, Return Voucher, Consumption and interactive Consumption Vouchers, Demand Voucher, Order Voucher and Sales/Officer Vouchers, all these processes can be fulfilled in detailed form.

Demand, Purchasing and Order Vouchers

Due to Demand Voucher, all Departments can fulfill requests from the Main Depot through the computer. After receiving the necessary confirmations, responsible for Warehouse, from Demand voucher creates a Transfer voucher. Thus, requests of product which does not have in the Main Depot are blocked and accelerates the processes of responsible for the Depot.

With Purchasing module, occurs processing of incoming prices from Sellers, Adding Orders in computer, Determination of sellers with convenient prices looking at the last purchases, after the approval from the side of General Manager, Head of Accounting, Head of Purchasing and after confirmation from the Depot, providing order comes in convenient state. You can determine the lists of difference of Order-Receipt Update vouchers and orders of Deficiency-Surplus, also you can take detailed lists of control the Orders between the dates. You can create demand voucher for out-of-stock orders automatically.

Automatic Vouvhers

You can write out automatically: Receipt Update Voucher, Transfer Voucher, Main Depot and Voucher of Return from Seller, Damaged Voucher, Cost Automatic Voucher, Cost Consumption Vouchers. Due to it, to Accounting department will not need to fulfill separately any processes, when all processes passing through the stock.

Stock Reports

  • Reports of Receipt Update Voucher/Transfer Voucher of Entry and Exit
  • Entry/Exit Control Lists looking at the Account Number
  • Department Exit Reports
  • Inventory Card Lists
  • Agreement of Trial Balance
  • Comparative Average Price Lists
  • Seller's Material Movement Lists
  • Material Quantity/Price Analysis Report
  • Seller's Invoices Control Lists
  • Seller's VAT Discount Reports


Cost reports can be fulfilled in 2 different forms.

1-) From the end of month the Remaining Number - compare with results of Counting the Amount and evaluate the Difference as a Cost (mainly used in hotels where all inclusive)

2-) In Departments where there is an application of POS system, the enterprises which manually enters a vouchers of Sales-Officer-Entertainment from Cost menu, looking at the system of Recipe, fulfilled sales of relevant stock departments automatically falls down, and after the entering of counting the End of Month and Intermediate counting, in program there are convenient reports for 2 different systems.

All reports of Cost, Consumption, Cost per person, you can print out and get in Excel format.

Recipe Determination

From the menu of Banquet Recipe, you can fulfill the determinations of products that will be Sold in Departments, and also you can fulfill determinations of products preparation and prices looking at the order of Main group, the Top group, the Bottom group. For corresponding recipe by defining one sales price, you can also enter other prices by departments.

Due to entry of Recipe Details, you can determine the details of using material in corresponding recipe. Inside the Recipe, with help of feature of Recipe, you can fulfill fast and practical entries.

Sales fulfilled in Departments, looking at the details of Recipe, automatically falls down from the stock of concerning department and looking at it Cost reports are prepared. Hotels who do not want to use the Recipe details, in reports will be able to trace the interest rate of Cost, which will be entered in Recipe. You can print Daily, monthly Costs between the dates.

Cost Reports

  • Department Inventory Card Lists
  • Counting Lists
  • Actual Difference and Consumption Reports
  • Yearly Consumption Reports by Months
  • Last Year Comparative Consumption Reports
  • Per Person TL + Foreign Currency Amount and Amount Consumption Reports
  • Personnel Food Cost, Department and Per Person Costs
  • Sales/Cost and Officer Entertainment Reports
  • Distribution of sold products for month by days
  • Sales Report statistics
  • Lists of Number and Amount of sold product that has been consumed very much


Main Information and Human Resources Management

In this section, you can determine the Description of Personnel, information of Payroll and Personal Information. In this section looking at the person, you can determine the parameters of payroll calculation from Gross to Net or from Net to Gross. All parameters used in the payroll calculation can be customized according to the individually. From Personnel card, you can edit information of payroll actions by months,(PDKS) Constant Systems of Personnel Monitoring - Fingerprint/Clocks of entry and exit, and information of Fixed payment.

Management of Personnel Training, Performance Evaluation Questionnaires, Thoughts and stored documents of person in the form of file are uploaded on card and are controlled from one screen. In advance you can fulfill plannings of reminders of daily-weekly-monthly birthdays and staff whose probationary period ended.

All employeers cards you can transfer in detailed form to Excel, also from the side of User can do design of Personal reports.

Score Card and Accrual Calculation

You can prepare for a few seconds the Payroll for any month. If desired you can fulfill the Payroll belonging to the corresponding month, and Due to Program of Automatic Day Update, to all personnel processes the 26 working days, 4 holiday weeks, 30 days of Insurance. If in definite month there is entry/exit of personnel, looking at the date of entry and exit, the System creates a record in Score Card of this people about how much they deserve by right.

Due to program of Interactive Score Card, can be fulfilled the changes in Score Cards, in working days, in Wage Cuts or in Social Rights. Wage Cuts in the form of Current, Advance payment and Seizure in Accounting program, can be transferred into the Current Card of Staff with help of Automatic voucher.

PDKS (Systems of Constant Monitoring of Personnel)

You can control the clocks of Entry and Exit of Personnel with help of Fingerprint System or with help of computer that is put in Human Resources department. There are 2 different versions for tracing entries-exits of Personnel: Face Recognition and Fingerprint. These two devices can be managed by Card system.

Being prepared by Heads of Departments the Score Card Records in the form of Excel, can be transfered into the MOD program. Due to List of Active Personnel, you can see which staff at that moment there is in enterprise. Besides of it, in Main İnformation of Personnel menu in section of PDKS, you can control all clocks of Entries and Exits of definite person. Lists of Late Entry-Early Exit, determining of Shifts, Monthly diagrams are available in the form of reports. At the end of month, by desire the information can be transfered into the menu of Personnel Score Card.


Due to integration of Electronic-Notification, XML file can be created automatically. The function of Bank Transfer, you can use to pay Salaries and Prepayment in all banks. By using the option of Personnel Automatic Voucher, you can prepare every month 3-4 sheet of voucher in a few seconds. Due to integration of PDKS with help of Card system and Fingerprint system, you can keep under control the clocks of entry and exit of all personnel.


  • With option of Personnel Information together with the actions of Payroll, completely or selecting by fields, all information can be transferred to Excel sphere, and also you can design a personal reports for yourself.
  • Personnel Information
  • Lists of Incoming-Outgoing Personnel and Personnel Lists, whose probationary period has expired
  • Personnel Diagrams, Personnel Training Management, Performance Evaluation Statistics
  • Accrued Employee List, Accrued Employee Detail and connected to them Summary reports by Departments
  • Severance Pay and Notice Pay of Payrolls, with help of one button you can count the Severance Pay and Notice Pay
  • Personnel Cost Reports, Legal Wage Cuts List
  • Electronic-Notifications together with Notifications of Entry to Work, Identity Card Notification Lists
  • Quittance and İşkur Entry-Exit Reports
  • İşkur Labour Force Diagram, Missing Day Notification Form
  • Working Document

POS (Wireless Sensory Devices)

In Software (POS) can be used Wireless Sensory Devices (POS) and Handheld terminals. In restaurant waiters can take orders with help of placed in definite locations of Wireless sensory devices (POS) and Handheld terminals, and taken orders will be automatically printed out from printer looking at the type of material: Food in the Kitchen, Drinks at the bar. You can send orders to printers and leave desired notes, for example: "Rare Done", "Well Done", "Main food in a 20 minutes".

Checks you can close as Cash, Credit Card, Oficer, Entertainment and so on. With Detailed authorities, Waiters and Cashiers can use features of Deleting Lines, Cancelling Open Checks, Closing Checks, Transfers Checks and etc. You can take a Detailed reports about Sale-Cost, Oficer-Entertainment, Top 10 products, Number of persons, Cashiers, and also you can trace for success of Waiters sales.

MOD Mobile Web

Due to MOD Web Mobile, now you can quickly get all the reports and statistics about your hotel.The application, offers great easiness and will conduce the opportunity to do not miss the Profit and Sales.

  • Current Status
  • Forecast
  • Yearly Forecast
  • Graph-based Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Realized Arrival / Departure
  • Expected Arrival / Departure
  • Inhouse List
  • Receive Reservation
  • Cancel Reservation
  • Room Change List
  • HK Room OK
  • Minibar Posting
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance List
  • ISO_Operation
  • Accounting of 120 - Clients of Balance and Extra
  • Accounting of 320 - Sellers of Balance and Extra
  • Orders of the Purchasing Department and the period of Confirmation
  • Controlling Stock Prices and Information about the Latest Purchases / Sellers
  • Compatible with Apple, Android, Tablets and all Mobile Phones
  • Detailed Authorization
  • Easy Use
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Free Update
  • Special Solutions for Enterprise
  • Support7/24

Event Order

Event Order

Event Order program is used to monitor the banquet organizations. Due to this program, you can easily manage with all planned activities and organizations, such type as wedding/invitations /meeting. Due to determination of Banquet Types, Menu and Activities, you can take detailed reports, and also on the basis of department, can monitor forecasts of organizations between the dates

When creating Records of Event Order, due to steps below, you can trace the state of organization from its very beginning and till the very last moment

  • Pending - This feature selects when you create a reservation record.
  • Option - For received reservations indicated the Optional date.
  • Tentative - Used for temporary reservations that have not yet established finally.
  • Definite - Selects when confirming the reservation.
  • Cancelled - If the reservation is canceled, then select and mark the status "Cancelled".
  • Turn Down - Used in case when you lose the sale of this organization, and it is implemented by the side of another hotel.



Determination of information of Guests/Agencies, Information of monitoring for Members, Massage Rooms, Determinations of Masseur and Info man, Service codes - all these processes are fulfilled in this section. When the lists will be ready, at creation of Reservation and when choosing the Service code function, System will show which masseur, what service will provide, and automatically will send the right masseur for this reservation. You can trace created SPA reservations in detailed form, also for services taken by the client, by opening the check you can automatically send it to the credit account of his Room. With feature of Projectional Equipment SPA, in waiting room the customer can look through how many time remained for his Service.

  • Lists of Control SPA Reservations
  • Lists of Active Members between the dates
  • Country Statistic
  • Rack Schedule
  • Projectional Equipment SPA
  • Report of Masseur and Info man success
  • Bonuses Report

A'la Carte

A'la Carte

A'la Carte Reservations; they can be booked by Guest Relation, Reception or by Guest himself with using a kiosk, also with help of the Sensory screen or a standard computer.

By having a choice of multiple languages in application, the processes can be fulfilled in 4 languages: (Turkish / English / German / Russian).

Menu can be determined for each restaurant separately. In time of Reservation, you can show meal menu to client on computer.

On the same day guests reservations are not accepted (parametric), by tracing days till the date of guest Check-Out, at any time by desire, guest can make 1 or more than 1 Reservations in Restaurant. Guest in time of being at the same restaurant, can not make reservation again. The right for reservation in A'la Carte can be determined looking at the parameters of Minimum staying. That is the guests who are staying only 2 days and will wish to use A'la Carte reservation, such right may not be given to them.

Reservation can be closed at any day, at any restaurant. In program fulfills the order of tables, in time of Reservation on the screen immediately displays a table at which the guest will be sit. Determining the days with or without children. On selected dates can be taken Group reservations. By taking created lists of reservations by Departments between the dates, at entering in Restaurant guest can give it to employee of entrance control. After completion of A'la Carte reservation, to guest will be given a printed check from the printer, concerning to fulfilled reservation, then guest shows this check to employee at the entrance of restaurant and gets his service at table which was reserved beforehand.


  • All models of station
  • Interactive Tv
  • Minibar
  • Passport and Identity Card Systems
  • POS Systems
  • PDKS Systems of Constant Monitoring of Personnel
  • Door Lock Systems
  • LOG Firewall Systems
  • Electronic-Evolution (Electronic-Invoice/Electronic-Archive/Electronic-Ledger/Electronic-Agreement)
  • Programs of Loyal Satisfaction of Guests
  • Integration of social networks
  • Integration with Mobile devices and Тablets
  • Channel Management(Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck, Booking, Venere, Expedia, Agoda vs)
  • Logo, Link, Luca vs ERP softwares

Web Reservation

With help of added button of Online Reservation to your Web page. from program Mod can be sent the prices and availability status to you, and also Coming reservations you can transfer to program automatically without paying any commission. Due to statistics inside the program, the state of sales fulfilled through the Web, you can look through in the form of schedule and report.

Сhannel Management

Channel Manager with help of one panel can easily lead with free channels and paid tourism portals which is going ahead all over the world, such as, Expedia, HotelBeds, Agoda also a lot of Premium channels, and due to it you can open the doors of your hotel to all over the world.

From Mod program can send the prices and availability to such type of dozens channels as, Expedia (, Venere, Hotwire, Travelocity, Wotif), HRS,, Hotelbeds(Liberate), LateRooms(AsiaRooms), Agoda, Orbitz(ebookers, HotelClub, RatesToGo, CheapTickets), Lastminute and Tablet Hotels. Coming reservations you can transfer in Mod program automatically.

Due to statistics inside the program, the state of sales fulfilled by Channel Manager you can look through in the form of schedule and report

At solving of manage the channel; Do not prefer to keep before the eyes only the connected number of channels pieces. Which product is right for your hotel? In order to give answer to this question, the channel which will be selected, is very important in terms of profit for your business. When you receive hundreds services from channels, it is necessary to do a good analysis of how many pieces of reservations sent to your country and city. For example, in Iceland one website providing services in domestic market and by having place among these channels, what contribution it can add in the area where you are? Or if he provides services to hotels of boutique concept, how he will be able to send reservations in hotels who are located in city center?

For achieving maximum occupancy and incomes, you need to do in correct form the analysis of Channel Management. Our experienced team produces solutions in the field of data related to your enterprise.

Client Relation Management & Call Center & Monitoring of Actions

Due to program Monitoring of Actions the entered notes/maintenance updates takes under record. Due to Slip printer which will be set in Technical Service room, entered checks of maintenance update will be printed automatically, either due to given to Head of Technical Department the Handheld terminals, Smart Telephones and Tablets, questions with maintenance update will be solved more quickly. Entered maintenance updates are sent to determined telephones in the form of SMS or on E-mail. You can take a detailed lists of control of Maintenance Updates, Maintenance Updates which are in waiting, Urgent-Normal-with Long Term, also looking at the Maintenance Updates codes, you can take lists of control and monthly-yearly statistics.

Together with located in menu the program for Tracing Cars, you can trace all cars Mileage connected with your enterprise, also which driver at what time used the car and all of this information you can save in reports.

With program for Tracking Visitors, entered to hotel the relatives of resident guests, interviews, sellers, meetings with agencies, at what time who with someone came to the meeting, all of it you can save in records.

By opening in infinite number the group and detailed codes, you can create questionnaires for measuring the level of Guest satisfaction. After entering information in questionnaire, later at repeat arrival to hotel of this guest, the user can see in reservation the previous questionnaire of this guest and can fulfill the preliminary preparation connected with it. Besides of it, you also can get a detailed statistic by countries and Agency code. You can save records of complaints and personal wishes of person, and also enter them in reports. By SMS and E-mail, you can send reminders, associated with special days of guest, for example: birthday, wedding anniversary and so on.



Are you ready to Electronic-Invoice/Electronic-Archive Invoice/Electronic-Ledger?

  • Increase of labor productivity, facilitation of management of time and cost
  • Minimization of errors associated with User
  • There is a variant in Units, instead of monthly invoices by the piece
  • Designing of especial flexible invoices for Enterprise
  • Beyond Electronic-Invoice, to all customers provided an opportunity of Electronic-Archive Invoice
  • The opportunity to manage and monitor from one place for enterprise's branch offices
  • Secure and quick circulation and access of invoice between the sides
  • Economy of Time and Paper, Cancellation of post/cargo costs
  • Easiness of secure access to all records of invoices in digital cloud
  • Desired automatical sending of Electronic-Archive Invoices by e-mail
  • High Speed processing and sending of invoices
  • The elimination of physical archiving costs
  • Prevention of loss of incoming/outgoing invoices
  • Accounting, shortening processes of confirmation and payment
  • Quick and fast Integration
  • Preparation of records of Electronic-Ledger that correspond to definite standards of Ministry of Revenue Management.
  • Fast and flawless fulfillment of Internal and External Audits, due to standard data format
  • XBRL technology according to international standards
  • The absence of costs on Notarial confirmations
  • Reports in formats: Word,Excel,Pdf
  • Secure archiving your data on Unlimited Nubmer of Pages and Mb within minimum 10 years
  • For transition to Electronic-Invoice/Electronic-Archive Invoice/Electronic-Ledger do not wait until you become obligated, take advantage of services of Electronic-Evolution, that brings the easiness for enterprises

Apply of Financial E-Signature

Apply of Electronic-Invoice

Apply of Electronic-Archive Invoice

Apply on Electronic-Archive Invoice do not fulfill in Ministry of Revenue Management or through the Internet. Our company notifies to Private integrator about the process of applying for Electronic-Archive, and Private integrators informs the Ministry of Revenue Management.

Apply of Electronic-Ledger

Apply of Payment Recording Device

All purchases and processes of applying to the New Generation of Cash Devices, can be started and completed by our company.

Integration of Electronic-Invoice with MOD

e-Fatura e-Fatura e dönüşüm
  • System will reduce the costs of procedures of writing out invoices and waste of resource. Will accelerate the cash flow.
  • Completely compatible with standards of Electronic-Invoice of Finance Ministry.
  • Compatible with basic and commercial types of Electronic-Invoice.
  • Continuously updated according to changing in legislation.
  • In MOD Program, for companies entering in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice, in Accounting menu by creating the Current Code and in Front-Office by creating the Company Code, from the side of system automatically determines whether the firm includes in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice. Thus, only for registered users can write out an Electronic-Invoice.
  • Due to filtering process in lists of invoice control of Front Office & Accounting, written out between the dates an Electronic-Invoice and detailed printed paper invoice at any time can be prepared in report.
  • By writing out an invoice from MOD program, instantly you can request the information about whether there is a Recipient in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice.
  • Firms after determining their financial e-signature at private integrator, can realize all processes of sending and receiving invoices without a need that financial e-signature was connected to computer.
  • From MOD program, invoices that created in UBL-TR XML format, without entering in portal of Ministry of Revenue Management, with help of one button are sent to system of Private integrator of Electronic-Invoice, are signing and after confirmation are delivered to recipient.

What is it an Electronic-Invoice?


Electronic-Invoice is an application created by Ministry of Revenue Management in order to invoices, organized in the form of electronic document, in a safe and healthy form have circulated between the sides.

Tax payers who want to compose an Electronic-Invoice, can compose an invoice only to recipients that are defined in system. In a like manner, the tax payers who wish to take an Electronic-Invoice, can take invoice only from tax payers who composed an invoice from application. Consequently, the tax payers who wish to take or compose an invoice, the opposite of this, have to be determined in system. For taxpayers who are not included in Electronic-Invoice system, will continue composing of paper invoices.

Electronic-Invoice, being not a new type of document, has the same legal properties as a paper invoice.

Obligation to be an Electronic-Invoice User

Mandatory Use of Electronic-Ledger and Electronic-Invoice was extended!!! Notification № 454  

In № 454 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification with Mandatory Use of Electronic-Invoices and Electronic-Ledger were reviewed and narrowed the required conditions, and also the definite criteria have been made permanent. Besides of it, export processes were taken in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice. With these revisions, planned to rapidly increase the number of tax payers who are using an Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Ledger.

Changes concerning to the sphere of Electronic-Invoice obligation are listed below:

1. The procedures concerning to obligation of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Ledger

As published earlier in Row № 421 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification in Finance Ministry says, that to some enterprises were established the mandatory use of Electronic-Ledger and Electronic-Invoice.

On the basis of this Notification;

a) In the sphere of Petroleum Market Law under № 5015 says, that owners of mineral oil license can move to the application

b) In calendar from 2011, the taxpayers who are taking production and having minimum revenues from sales at 25 million gross TL, from the date of 31/12/2011 can move to the application

c) In Special Consumption Tax Law under № 4760 is attached a numbered list of production for those who produce, build, and engaged with import, and they can move to the application

d) In calendar from 2011, the taxpayers who are taking production and having minimum revenues from sales at 10 million gross TL, from the date of 31/12/2011 can move to the application,

The latest date for mandatory transition on application of Electronic-Ledger is 01.01.2015, and on Electronic-Invoices is 01.04.2014. Thus, at this time the system of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Ledger is used by the side of tax payers.

Inspite of absence of obligation, taxpayers by creating the necessary technical infrastructure and taking permission from the Finance Ministry, if desired, can move to application of Electronic-Ledger and Electronic-Invoice.

Transitioning to application of Electronic-Ledger and Electronic-Invoice can be both mandatory and volunteer, and all of these methods and bases have been explained in Tax Procedure Law of General Notification and at instruction for use.

2. Edits concerning to widening of obligation sphere, are fulfilled by general notification

According to law number 454 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification and to law number 421 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, obligation established to taxpayers in addition to tax payers which is mentioned below, as a rule from 1st January 2016 were established the mandatory use of Electronic-Ledger and Electronic-Invoice, which was published in Official Newspaper of Finance Ministry by the date of 06.20.2015.

a) 2014 or in subsequent periods of accounts, if tax payers have revenue from sales of 10 million TL gross and above it, so he can move to the application.

b) In Special Consumption Tax under № 4760 is attached a numbered list of production of manufacture, import, transfer and so on, and due to activity of Organization for Energy Market Regulatory, tax payers who have taken a license, can move to the application.

c) In Special Consumption Tax is attached a numbered list of production for taxpayers who produce, build and engaged with import, and due to it, they can move to the application.

3. In processes of export was established the mandatory use of Electronic-Invoice application

In accordance with law number 454 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification; also in accordance with number 3065 of Value Added Tax Law, in paragraph 11 says that tax payers who are registered on application of Electronic-Invoice and those who will be compose invoices for production export and clothes with passengers, will have to compose their invoices in the form of Electronic-Invoice from 01/01/2016.

Delivery Process

The certificate is sent to the contact address after the production is completed.

Certificate delivery is realized by the following steps:

a) A smart card that contains a certificate, sealed in an envelope.

b) Instructions for use are placed inside the envelope.

c) It is packaged with Desktop Card Reader.

d) By courier service, the package is delivered to an authorized person for signature. Parcel will be delivered only with providing of identity card.

PIN Processes

The enterprise, for PIN processes of certificate from a web page by entering at Online Processes - and after log in at menu of Financial E-Signature Electronic Certificate Processes, click at information button of PIN/PUK.

Information Update Processes

Tax payers and enterprises who have taken the Financial E-Signature of certificate from web page by entering at Online Processes, from there by logging in at menu Financial E-Signature Processes, with help of button Update Information, can update telephone and e-mail information.

In case if you could not to apply through Online by filling out the Form of Applying at Electronic-Invoice Application and Letters of Undertaking ve and Form-001-008 of Electronic Financial E-Signature of Master Certificate, you have to send to the Ministry of Revenue Management, after the completion of manual processes, legal entities by filling out the Form-001-002 of Order Electronic Financial E-Signature, and real person by filling out the Form-001-014 of Order Electronic Financial E-Signature, together with dekont and certified signature samples, are sent to the Public Certification Center and after that process of applying will be completed.

Certified signature samples and applying form of authorized person, send to address that is written below.

Public Certification Center TÜBİTAK Campus P.K. 74 Gebze 41470 Kocaeli Tel: (262) 648 18 18

Methods of Use of Electronic-Invoice

1. Electronic-Invoice Portal Methods of Ministry of Revenue Management

From the side of Portal Method of Ministry of Revenue Management, from internet address offered free service of Electronic-Invoice application. With help of this method, your invoices can be created manually from the Portal of Ministry of Revenue Management, or with help of own data processing system, by creating at indicated by Ministry format, you can upload them on account in Portal.

2. Private Integration Method (This method will be selected when applying)

Taxpayers who have taken a permission of personal integration from Ministry, by using data processing systems, can gain a profit from Electronic-Invoice application. In this case, the taxpayers who are creating a financial e-signature, by applying to enterprises which have taken a permission to personal integration from Ministry, can be included in application. The continued tests of tax payers, who applied for a permit to personal integration and completed tests successfully, together with enterprises who got permission to personal integration from Ministry, will be published on webpage of Ministry

3. Integration Method of Data Processing System

This method was developed in order to give the opportunity to taxpayers to integrate their own data processing system with system of Ministry and ensure uninterrupted communication in a mode of 24/7. Tax payers who applying for this method, in requests of applying obliged to indicate about wishes to gain a profit from the method of integration with Electronic-Invoice application. If desired, the taxpayers can indicate a condition in petition of applying, about need to closing accounts in Portal, until the completion of integration processes. This term under no circumstances and provisions indicated Row No 421 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, will not pass the definite date of 31.12.2013. Tax payers who did not complete the integration until this date, are obliged to compose invoices from Portal of Ministry of Revenue Management.

MOD - Integration of Electronic-Ledger

e-Defter e-Defter
  • Due to accounting module of Electronic-Ledger, is created a file that provide for data standards of Ministry of Revenue Management and correspond to the rules of state schematron.
  • Created file is uploaded into the portal of private integrator.
  • In system of cloud which has web base, this file is signed by financial e-signature of company and is created a patent.
  • Created patents are packaged and automatically sent to the Ministry of Revenue Management.
  • Confirmed by the Ministry of Revenue Management files with patents, are taking back to private integrator and records of ledgers concerning to this month are archived.
  • Created patent and electronic-ledgers within 10 years backuped in cloud system.
  • At any desired time, the enterprise can record all Electronic-Ledger's records archived in the cloud, at their own backup devices.
  • The term of fulfilling the processes indicated above takes maximum 5 minutes.
  • In order to provide unmistakable sending of Electronic-Ledger records, the staff of our team every month at sending, remotely connected to enterprise and together with hotel employees fulfills the processes of sending.
  • Official Ledgers, traced from this month, should be sent to the Ministry of Revenue Management till the end of 3rd month. Ledgers for December month, in period of deliver of last annual declaration, you can send it till the April of coming year.

What is it an Electronic-Ledger?

Regardless of the form of decrees of Tax Method Law or Turkish Commercial Law, in Electronic-Ledger the data which should take place in mandatory order, covered with integrity of electronic records.

Now according to Ministry of Revenue Management, the General Ledger can be contained as an Electronic-Ledger.

Why is an Electronic-Ledger?

Tax payers are obliged to affirm the ledgers according to affirming decrees between paragraphs 220 and 226 of Tax Procedure Law

At tax payers do not remain the needs in processes of Stationery and Notarial bureaucracy and obligation to archiving their ledgers for 10 years, in a greater degree will facilitate keeping of ledgers, in the electronic sphere and in a healthy form.

Who will move to Electronic-Ledger application?

Each taxpayer who moved to application of Electronic-Invoice, at the same time obliged to move to application of Electronic-Ledger. Tax payers who wish to move to application of Electronic-Ledger by own desire, also have to move to application of Electronic-Invoice.

Until what date you have to fulfill a transition to Electronic-Ledger?

According to Row № 1 of Electronic-Ledger of General Notification, for tax payers who have conditions - the date of Last Applying is December/2014. In other words, from January/2015 the tax payers have to keep their ledgers in electronic form.

Is it possible to keep both in paper form and in form of Electronic-Ledger?

To keep both in a paper form and in form of Electronic-Ledger simultaneously - impossible.

How to choose Electronic-Ledger software?

Electronic-Ledger is a spherical standard of XBRL and is preparing according to classification of XBRL GL.

Softwares in this test, audited according to the following clauses:

  • Creation by suitable format and data standards
  • Creation of electronic-ledgers, the preservation and provision of conditions for their submission
  • In correct form the realization of use of financial e-signature, mobile signature and time stamp
  • Fulfillment of processes concerning to described processes of confirmation in Electronic-Ledger Software Compatibility Confirmation Guide
  • Fulfillment of other announced conditions.

The company at which you used an Electronic-Invoice application, the same service of Electronic-Ledger application, you can get from other companies who have taken the compatibility confirmation. In both cases the ModHotel Software can convert existing records into the Electronic-Ledger format.

How will be fulfilled the Work Form in program MOD?

a) The MOD Hotel Software program creates a file suitable for the data standards and format envisaged by the Ministry of Revenue Management.

b) Created file is uploaded into the portal of company cloud (BimSA, e-Finans, Uyumsoft) from which has taken the service of Electronic-Ledger.

c) In the cloud system of enterprise, is signed by their own Financial E-Signature and is created a patent.

d) Created patents after packing, is uploaded at this address In the Ministry of Revenue Management is conducted the repeated signing process.

e) Created file, is uploaded back into the system of Cloud after confirmation from Ministry of Revenue Management.

f) Created Patent and electronic ledgers are remained in cloud of backup within 10 years. The stored electronic documents are considered by the law as evidence.

When will be the term of sending of Electronic-Ledger?

Tax payers by tracing the electronic ledgers from this month and till the last day of the third month, then sign them by their own financial electronic e-signature and send to website (Ministry of Revenue Management).

What kind of criminal sanctions expect the tax payers if they will keep an electronic ledger in paper form, after the introduction of obligatory use of electronic ledger?

In the clause 6 under Series № 1 of Electronic Ledger Notification are contained decrees concernign to criminal sanctions and responsibility. Those who created an electronic ledgers by own desire and did not notify the competent authorities about it, it is the contradiction to the principles and procedures in Notice, and in accordance with the actions, committed against the Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Law, will establish the definite decrees concerning to it. By uploading the electronic-ledgers on website and by receiving patents of electronic-ledger, thus demonstrating a proof that there is no need to change the electronic ledgers, it does not give and does not express any confirmation on the content of electronic ledgers. If tax payers will keep an electronic-ledger in paper form, it will be considered that they did not have this ledger.

The Main definitions and abbreviations

Elecronic reocrd: Express the smallest elements of information which is contained at the electronic ledgers and documents, and possible for access and processing in an electronic form.

electronic-Ledger: It is an integrity of electronic records, covering the data that have to be in obligatorily order in ledgers, regardless of the form of decrees of Tax Procedure Law or Turkish Commercial Law.

Patent of Electronic-Ledger: The basics which is taking place in the scope of this Notice, express an electronic file concerning to ledgers created in an electronic form, which is confirmed by Financial E-Signature of Ministry and contains the information corresponding to definite standards of Ministry.

Time Stamp: It expresses the verified record, with aim establishing of manufactured, modified, sent, taken or stored electronic data, from the side of providers of electronic certification services.

Secure Electronic E-Signature: Expresses an electronic signature, determined in clause 4, under № 5070 of the Law of Electronic Signature

Financial Electronic E-Signature: In the scope of Row № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification for the Ministry from the side of TÜBİTAK-UEKAE prepared infrastructure of electronic certificates and application of Electronic Ledger: created with aim of fulfilling corresponding confirmation process for electronic ledgers from the side of Ministry and General Management, at the established format and standards, that expresses an application which is taking place with internet address

Confirmation of opening: Expresses the payment period concerning to the first month of taken patent of electronic ledger.

Confirmation of closing: Expresses the payment period concerning to the last month of taken patent of electronic ledger.

System Requirements

  • In the terminal where will be installed the Electronic-Ledger, you will need to install the Financial E-Signature.
  • Have to be uploaded the installation icons (setup), concerning to Electronic Certification (e-imza, Turktrust, E-Güven).
  • In legal entities have to be uploaded drivers and smart cards from Public Certification Center concerning to Financial E-Signature.(

Entry to the application of Electronic-Ledger is fulfilled only by electronic signature or financial e-signature, and system requirements necessary for it:

  • In your system must be installed the program Oracle JRE 1.6 or versions later. If in your system have not already installed this application, then you can visit this address
  • With the use of Electronic Signature/Financial E-Signature, the entry in system are supported with web browsers listed below. Please use the indicated web browser version or the version newer;
    • Mozilla Firefox 5
    • Google Chrome 13
    • Opera 9
    • Apple Safari 5
    • MS Internet Explorer 8
    • Offered web-browsers: Chrome 13+, Firefox 5+, Opera 9+, Safari 5+, IE 8+

If you have problems at entry and transportation in application of Electronic-Ledger, by this reference you can get at the page of instructions of application use

Integration of Electronic-Аrchive with MOD

e-Defter e-Defter e-Defter
  • The firm which is the tax payers of Electronic-Archive, is also obliged to be the tax payer of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Ledger.
  • Completely eliminated the costs and use of paper invoices.
  • All invoices can be sent to the recipient by e-mail, thus the cargo costs are eliminated.
  • The system will reduce the cost of sources and procedures of writting out invoices. Accelerate cash flow.
  • Full compatibility of Electronic-Invoice standards with Finance Ministry.
  • Continuously updated in accordance with changes in legislation.
  • Due to the filtering processes in Invoice control lists of Front Office and Accounting, written out an Electronic-Invoice between the dates and detailed presentation of paper invoices, at any desired time you will be able to prepare in report.
  • Firms after determining their financial e-signatures in private integrator, can fulfill all processes of sending and receiving invoices without a need of that the financial e-signature has been connected to computer.
  • In MOD program, an invoices created in UBL-TR XML format can be prepared by selection the method of Paper or E-mail. Electronic-Archive Invoices selected by E-Mail method, with help of one key is sent to the recipient in electronic form.
  • All outgoing Electronic-Archive invoices, due to application of web based cloud, you can instantly look through and trace from any desired place.
  • Within the definite periods, between the dates all Outgoing Electronic-Archive Invoices are numbered and then you can transfer them to PDF, Word, Exce format.
  • From the side of user can be fulfilled the determinations of Rules and Reports.
  • All outgoing Electronic-Archive Invoices are archived on the company's name.
  • Looking at the procedures of application, the invoices for this month and till the 15th of next month, will automatically send in the form of report to the Ministry of Revenue Management without the need for fulfilling any actions by the User.
  • At any time, the enterprise can save all archived records of Electronic-Archive Invoices on their backup devices.

What is it an Electronic-Archive?

According to the decrees of Tax Procedure Law, an invoice are prepared as minimum in two copies, the first copy in paper form is given to the client, and the second copy is stored as a document at the tax payers in the same paper form, according to the decrees of preservation and submission of the same Law.

Tax payers who have taken permission from the Ministry on application of Electronic-Archive, the invoices created in electronic form, can store in electronic form.

Invoice created in electronic form is sent to the recipient in paper form or is transferred the document copy in original form, and if this electronic state is kept by the side of who write out an invoice, then it is by decree is the second copy.

Tax payers to which was given a permission to gain the benefit of Electronic-Archive;

a) According to Row № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, to registered persons on the application of Electronic-Invoice, composed invoices according to mentioned notification, are obliged to create, send, store and in case of need to submit in the form of Electronic-Invoice.

b) According to Row № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, the taxpayers who are not registered on the application of Electronic-Invoice are obliged to create invoices in the sphere of Electronic-Archive, then by sending created invoices in paper form, are obliged to keep the second copy in electronic form and submit when it need.

c) Not being a taxpayers, you have to create invoices in the sphere of Electronic-Archive and send by the request of customers in the electronic and paper form, and the second copy of created invoices are obliged to keep in electronic form and in case of need to submit.

Applyings and Methods of gaining the benefit from Application

According to Row № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification for gaining benefit, the tax payers must be registered on the application of Electronic-Invoice. Tax payers can use the Application of Electronic-Archive on behalf of the company from which has bought serveices of Electronic-Archive.

Tax payers who have taken the services of Electronic-Archive from the system of private integrator, as in Electronic-Invoice, in electronic archive reports may demand the financial e-signature of private integrator and use of time stamps.

In order to provide services of Electronic-Archive, the private integrators have to take permission from the Ministry.

Creation of documents in Electronic Form

Documents composed in the form of Electronic-Archive, have to be created in system of private integrator. It is used format of electronic document, on which you can transfer the financial e-signature and qualified electronic certificate, which must have the properties of a common determination, review, confirmation and giving the opportunity to press the paper.

Emblems which have to be located on the Documents

In created copies of electronic documents of client, according to decree by the date of 02.02.1985 and № 18654 published in Official Newspaper the Regulations about Printing and Distribution of documents, using from the side of tax payers the electronic documents in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, looking at the normative acts, on the front part of document, at the top in the middle must be printed (the emblem) " Special Symbols which have to be located on the Documents (emblem)" and "Number of Region Code" and instead of them, at the same place will be located the emblem of Ministry of Revenue Management. Under the emblem; should be located the phrase "Electronic-Archive Invoice".

Besides of it, at the bottom part of sent invoice in electronic form, should be written the phrase "in the sphere of Electronic-Archive permission is sent in electronic form."

Document Number

In documents which will be composed in the sphere of Electronic Archive permission, instead of serial and order number, will be used the document number consisting from 3 digit code of units and 13 digit of serial number. The unit code can be determined freely.

The Ministry by prohibiting the use of some codes of units, for some processes the use of definite codes of units can do mandatory.

Order number which is taking place inside the document number, is created from the 4 typical years and 9 typical of increasing chain of number. The order number belonging to each unit of code, will be created inside itself and will be traced. The increasing chain of number from 9 digits, which is taking place inside the order number taking place, each year from the first day begins to use from number "1". In taxpayers structure, the same document number more than once will not be used.

Delivery of Documents to Recipients

Except for listed below the clause c), created in electronic form an invoice, the tax payers will be deliver to the recipient in paper form. Invoice created in electronic form, in the case of delivery in paper form, all printing processes can fulfill from the side of tax payers. Tax payers can fulfill printing processes in companies with which there is an agreement, or with private integrators, by desire. In this case, from the side of private integrators or companies with which there is an agreement, any notification to the Ministry are not fulfilled.

In Tax Procedure Law according to decrees of list of written out invoices, at the beginning of invoice must be the signature of employer or the signature on the name of authorized person at enterprise.

According to this decree, however that in invoice mandatory have to be the signature from the point of view of application of taxes, in time of composing an invoice, the authorized person by confirming his signature in the notary, will be able to use ready and signed invoice, in time of printing with aim of comply the form and basics concerning to the list of written out invoices.

In the sphere of Electronic-Archive in composed invoice, near the creation of date should be shown the creation of time in the form of hours and minutes.

a) Delivery of Invoice to Tax Payers Registered on Electronic-Invoice Application According to № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification

In being composed the electronic invoice, to users registered on Electronic-Invoice application, near the place of creation date, in case of showing places of creation of time in the form of hours and minutes, the paper printout of the electronic invoice is used instead of waybill. The paper printout with the written expression "is used instead of waybill" must be signed from the side of the seller or authorized person. Only in order to take advantage of this opportunity, an electronic invoice have to be composed at the time of delivery of the goods in mandatory order.

b) Delivery of Invoice to Tax Payers Not Registered on Electronic-Invoice Application According to № 397 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification

Tax payers who have taken permission on the Electronic-Archive application, and Private integrators who have taken permission from the Ministry on providing the services of Electronic-Archive, the created in electronic form documents and published on electronic site of the Ministry the weekly reports of Electronic-Archive, that correspond to standards and data format, by tracing till the end of week, in mandatory order should be confirmed by the Financial E-Signature or by Qualified Electronic Systems, as timestamp.

Reports of Electronic-Archive, confirmed by financial e-signature of tax payers or private integrators as a time stamp, also tax payers who have taken permissions and from the side of enterprises engaged in data storage and have taken permission from the Ministry, for them will be opened a permanent remote access to the Ministry. Explanations, concerning to the method of access, are given in the guide of use of Electronic-Archive.

Tax payers and private integrators who have taken permissions on Electronic-Archive, within one week by tracing the intervals on the basis of codes of units of increasing chain of numbers compiled in composed documents, in the last day of the week until 24:00 pm are obliged to upload in Tax Office system through the "Screen of Entering Information of Electronic-Archive ".

The Ministry has the authority to change the remote access method and define the different access and different terms of data transfer method for sectors and groups of tax payers, by informing about changes with notification letter, and for this preparing is given a sufficient time.

Should be fulfiiled the reporting and access, also the tasks of submission and keeping of documents concerning to Electronic-Archive of tax payer, are not eliminated.

Keeping and Submission of Electronic Documents

Tax payers who have taken permission on Electronic-Archive, by implementing the keeping and submission of tasks, are obliged to follow the features which is listed below.

a) Tax laws and other legal creations for the paper copies and created the second copies of electronic documents, and Reports of Electronic-Archive towards one another, including the provided terms, are obliged to keep and if necessary submit.

b) Tax payers who have taken permission, the second copy of electronic documents and Reports of Electronic-Archive will be keeping in theirs own data processing system. These tax payers, if desired, can fulfill the tasks of keeping in enterprises who have taken permission from the Ministry for the providing of services of electronic data keeping.

c) According to № 421 of Tax Procedure Law in the sphere of General Notification, the taxpayers who are taking services of Electronic-Archive from private integrators, according to the Row № 421 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, the documents and Reports of Electronic-Archive are obliged to keep in enterprises who have taken permission from Ministry for providing services of electronic data keeping.

d) Customers by using the Application of Electronic-Archive in their systems, keep the composed in electronic form the second copies of invoices, which are confirmed by their own financial e-signature, by Qualified Electronic Systems, or as Timestamp.

e) In the sphere of permission, users who have taken the services of Electronic-Archive from private integrators, keep the composed in electronic form the second copies of invoices which are confirmed by own financial e-signature or by Qualified Electronic Systems, or by financial e-signature which is belonged to private integrator, or as a Time stamp.

f) The obligation for submission and keeping electronic documents and records concerning to accuracy, integrity and immutability, covers any kind of electronic data, database files, storage medium, means of confirmation and images.

g) From the side of tax payers, stored electronic documents and sent paper copies to the opposite side, should be kept in the same content, and if desired, in the same image, in the form in which it will be possible to send on printing.

h) At interrogation of kept electronic documents, at viewing and receiving of paper printout, one of used keys have to be the document number in mandatory order.

i) Electronic document and reports must be kept within the limits of the Republic of Turkey and on the territories where is acted the laws of Republic of Turkey. This obligation does not constitute the obstacle for the secondary archiving abroad.

j) The composed paper invoice in the sphere of Electronic-Archive application, the opposite party is obliged to take and keep this document in paper form.

k) If the transfer of invoices in electronic form is on behalf of persons who are not taxpayers, then according to tax laws, those who have to keep them, by receiving an invoice in electronic form, are obliged to keep it in electronic form.

The Invoices Composed at the Selling of Services and Production Through the Internet

Those who have permission on Electronic Archive application, at fulfilling the sales of production and services through the internet, to persons who are not tax payers, an invoices concerning to sales, in mandatory order have to correspond to formats and submit in electronic form. At the sales, the paper printout must be near with sent production.

In the sphere of Electronic-Archive, the clauses that will be included in composed invoices at selling of production and services through the internet.

1. The web address of fulfilled sale operation,

2. Form of Payment,

3. Date of Payment,

4. Information of Tax Number and Identity Card of carrier of delivery

5. Date of sending of sold goods,

6. In the section of return; In invoice obligatorily must be information of: name and surname, address, signature, type of returned product, quantity, prices for amount and unit, and also will be given a place for expression "this sale was fulfilled through the internet".

In the sphere of Electronic-Archive, the clauses that will be included in composed invoices at selling of production and services through the internet:

Having permission on application of Electronic Archive, according to № 421 of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification, sellers who are selling production through the internet to registered users on Electronic-Invoice, in composed electronic invoice by giving place for information written above, have to send the paper printout near the dispatched production.

In the sphere of Electronic-Archive, in invoices composed at selling production and services through the internet, if customer will want to return the production back, he needs to take a paper printout of invoice which was sent to him in electronic form, fill the section of return back and together with production to send back to the seller of production.

In this sphere the tax payers who fulfilled the sale, by tracing the week concerning to the report of Electronic-Archive, are obliged to upload the report in Ministry system before the end of week, through the BTrans information screen of Internet Tax Office. Electronic-trade sites, who are selling services and production through the internet, till the date of 01.01.2015 are obliged to move to application of Electronic-Archive.

Responsibility and Criminal Sanctions

Tax payers in the sphere of taken permission, are responsible for the accuracy of information in composed documents in accordance with the real situation.

At discrepancy of private integrators with indicated rules, from the side of state will apply the penalties, indicated in Law. Permission on Electronic Archive of tax payers and private integrators, can be canceled from the side of Ministry, because of offences of the opposite to method and basics.

Private integrator, whose permission on providing the services in the sphere of Electronic-Archive was canceled, is obliged to notify about it all tax payers, for whom he provides services. Private integrators whose permission for providing services in the sphere of Electronic-Archive was canceled, within the 15 days are obliged to conclude agreement with other private integrator, or in the scope of general decree, to print a document in enterprises of printing office with which there are agreements, and use it.

Those who are using application of Electronic-Archive in their own data processing systems, when cancelling the permission, the tax payers will notified about it, and after notification within 1 year of using the application in their systems, they can not apply. These tax payers, if desired, can take the Electronic-Archive services from private integrators which have taken permission from the Ministry.

The tax payers, whose permission on Electronic-Archive was canceled, latest date within the 15 days are obliged to print the documents in printing offices, with which there are agreements, and in the scope of general decree begin to compose the document.

Other Matters

a) Those who are using the Electronic-Archive application from their own system, all electronic records belonging to documents in case of damage, disappearance, corruption, or when the processes are not visible or there are emergencies, within the 15 days are obliged to notify the Ministry and provide a detailed plan for the implementation of these records.

b) Those who are using from their systems the Electronic-Archive application, at full confiscation of one part, or at seizure by authorized instances on equipment, created for data processing systems, are obliged to inform the Ministry the latest within 3 days about it.

c) Those who take the permission on use the application of Electronic-Archive from their own data processing systems and created data processing systems from software, equipment, files, documents, and similar elements, with no agreement, partially or completely will not prevent to access and control from the side of Tax inspection staff or authorized personnel by the Ministry.

d) The Ministry can ask the temporary and permanent sending to them the electronic documents and reports of Electronic-Archive.

e) The Ministry requires the creation or protection of data concerning to documents for those who use the Electronic-Archive application from their systems.

f) The given permission of Electronic Archive in the sphere of Notification, does not cover the documents, composed by means of payment recording devices.

g) In the sphere of Notification of Row № 397, located invoice number being collaborative in invoices which will be composed, on the basis of units of code and provided continuing increasing chain of order number, in the area of tax payer the invoice number used only one time. Brought with Row № 397 of Notification in the sphere of Electronic-Invoice application, the used invoice number must be used with the same Notification, in the sphere of Electronic-Archive application, complementing each other's structure.

Integration of MOD with Payment Recording Devices

e dönüşüm

Integration of Payment Recording Devices with ModHotel Software, works integrated in 2 different forms, by corresponding to confirmed GMP-3 protocol and through the TSM. Besides of it, systems of payment recording devices are working integrated and connected with MOD program and with systems of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive Invoice.

What is it the New Generation of Payment Recording Devices?

New Generation of Payment Recording Devices: is technical features which are determined anew in the scope of development of technologies, are an expression of Payment Recording Devices. The new generation of devices - is a devices based on computer, which can transfer the data in a safe form and arrange the connection through the internet in Ministry of Revenue Management.

How Many Types of New Generation Payment Recording Devices is Available?

  • The company which has a Device of reading bank cards (POS) "in New Generation Payment Recording Devices have a feature of Money transfer and Reading bank cards"
  • There are 2 types of New Generation Payment Recording Devices: 1) The company which does not have the Devices of reading bank cards (POS), can be connected externally to Devices of reading bank cards (POS), and 2) "New Generation Payment Recording Devices which is Simple and Connected to Computer".

What is the main difference between the models of New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

  • New Generation Payment Recording Devices which have the feature of money transfer and reading bank cards, are integrated cash registers at the company that has a Device of reading bank cards (POS).
  • The company which has a Device of reading bank cards, at tax payers desire, they can connect externally to device of reading bank card (POS) through the cable.
  • All New Generation Payment Recording Devices with joint points, must be computer-based, and should have a features to establishing communication through the internet with Systems of Data of the Ministry of Revenue Management.

Is there an obligation to use the Next Generation Payment Recording Devices for the restaurant that uses the POS with function of money transfer, for providing services for persons who are coming from the outside to the hotel?

According to series № 49 in general notification of payment recording devices, the hotel managements by providing the services exclusively for registered customers in the daily list of clients, are not obliged to use the Payment Recording Devices. Because of the providing the services to not registered customers in the daily list, and to customers who are coming from the outside, have an obligation to use the New Generation Payment Recording Devices.

Can the tax payers who are not fulfilling the sales with credit cards, use the New Generation Payment Recording Devices with the features of money transfer POS?

Tax payers who are not fulfilling the sales with help of bank card, credit card, card for meal: who are not having Devices of reading bank cards (POS), using as a kind of Simple and Connected to Computer the Payment Recording Devices, by taking Devices of Payment Recording Devices with the feature of money transfer, with help of Payment Recording Devices, can only use the features of cash registers, without opening of one part of POS features for use.

Taxpayers in order to to take the collection by credit card or bank card, as early in the application of New Generation Payment Recording Devices, need to conclude member company agreement with Banks.

From where and how can take the New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

Buying from our company the Payment Recording Devices, you can also buy them from retail dealers authorized by the firm of Payment Recording Devices, by presenting an identity card. Trade dealers, after fulfilling a survey of recipient obligation, through the electronic address of the Ministry of Revenue Management, give the printout of the survey to signing to the client and after that the sales process is realized.

Those who do not have the obligation to tax, the buying of New Generation Payment Recording Devices is impossible.

What are the basics of using the New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

The New Generation of Payment Recording Devices, by starting the process of selling at the device and by completing at the device, the information of closing daily reports is automatically sent to the System Data of the Ministry of Revenue Management and it is the basis.

Payment Recording Devices can use together with Mod or with any other softwares, by matching with each other, and it is the basis of use.

How to realize the opening of New Generation Payment Recording Devices on use?

The process of opening the purchased device on use, is realized by authorized service firm of Payment Recording Devices. Tax payers who have bought the devices, along with authorization licence and invoice, have to apply in authorized service. Authorized employees of the service, by contacting with system of Ministry of Revenue Management, will register your device and will open for use.

Opening of the purchased devices for use, have to be before the date of beginning obligation.

Who is obliged to use the New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

Sold products, the same or after processing, besides of those who fulfilled the sale for someone or provided services for the same people, also to the first and second class of sellers, the taxpayers in accordance with Tax Procedure Law, at documentation of sale of products and services, not obliged to give invoice but obliged to use the New Generation Payment Recording Devices.

Looking at it;

  • Those who are obliged to use the payment recording device in accordance with the statements according to the legislation of Law No 3100
  • According to the Tax Procedure Law, the first and second class merchants
  • At fulfilling the sales of goods or services in retail
  • In accordance with Tax Procedure Law, those who do not have obligation to compose the invoice at available sales or in other words, the tax payers who can documented the sales with retail sales vouchers, are in the sphere of mandatory use of new generation payment recording devices.

When need to move on use of New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

Prepared and concerning to determination of anew date of beginning mandatory use of New Generation Payment Recording Devices and in accordance with rough copy of published notification from December 21, 2015;

  • From the date of 04.01.2016, the taxpayers who are exceeded the amount of 1 million TL,
  • From the date of 1/7/2016, the taxpayers who are exceeded the amount of 1 million TL 500 hundred thousands TL,
  • From the date of 1/10/2016, the taxpayers who are exceeded the amount between 150 hundred thousands and 500 hundred thousands TL,
  • Notification, published from the date of 5 August 6/15/2013 Friday under № 29792 in Official Newspaper, also published in Official Newspaper under № 28678 and expressions from the date of "01/01/2017" which are in section 4 of row C) of Tax Procedure Law of General Notification (serial number 426), have been changed on the date of "01/01/2018".

Should the Next Generation Payment Recording Devices be used at Cash Payments?

Along with the obligation of use the New Generation Payment Recording Devices, at fulfilling sales and at using the credit card, as if it were mandatory in the form of payment instruments by Cash, Gift Voucher, Card for meal, all these fulfilled payment instruments have to go through the Payment Recording Device.

In what cases must come out the Information Voucher in the New Generation Payment Recording Devices

Necessary Conditions

Taxpayers by means of using the New Gereration Payment Recording Devices realize the following clauses:

a) The sales are documenting by invoice,

b) For the sale of products and services, is given the Lunch ticket and Card for meal

c) Before the delivery of products and services, the amount of prepayment (advance payment) is documented

d) At processes of entry into the parking,

e) At processes of collecting invoice,

f) In other similar processes, which will be determined by the Ministry of Revenue Management, to the customers will be given the information voucher by composing in the New Generation Payment Recording Devices.

Can it use the information voucher of the New Generation Payment Recording Devices instead of Waybill?

The information vouchers can be used as a document of Waybill from the side of taxpayers who moved to application of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive İnvoice.

Therefore, at the moment of sale, the information voucher must be composed and signed from the side of seller or an authorized person. In the information voucher which is used instead of Waybill, in mandatory order must be: the sold type of product, quantity and other information about sales, department and the phrase "Used Instead of Waybill". In the information voucher which is used instead of Waybill, should not be the phrase “No Financial Value”.

The information vouchers in which the detailed information of sold products is absent, not used instead of waybill.

Should the Information Vouchers of New Generation Payment Recording Devices be together with Slip Checks of (POS) device of reading bank cards?

In case of fulfilling payments by bank and credit cards, the information voucher from the New Generation Payment Recording Devices, by joining with Cheque from the POS, will be printed as one document.

At invoiced sales, in the case of giving invoice to the customer, there is no obligation to give a printout of the information vouchers composed in the New Generation Payment Recording Devices. Only in case of fulfilling the payment from credit card or through the bank, the information voucher containing the information of POS slip cheque, in mandatory order should be given to the client at any conditions.

What information vouchers should be pressed and what should be the format in the New Generation Payment Recording Devices?

1. Information Cheque of Invoice (For those who are writing out a paper invoice being not a taxpayer of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive)

Users who will continue to compose the (paper) invoice being not a tax payer of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive Invoice, for paper invoices that will be composed and for fulfilled sales, from the New Generation Payment Recording Devices by composing " Invoice Information Cheque", along with a paper invoice are obliged to give to the consumer. Information that should take place in the "Invoice Information Cheque" are described below.

  • Seller's name, surname, firm official name, telephone number, tax number of identity card
  • Date, time and number of information voucher
  • In the upper part of information voucher and after the cheque number is written the phrase "Information Voucher"
  • Invoice Serial and Order number composed with help of Client tax identification number or Identity number (TR)
  • Expressions concerning to areas of sales types (with Invoice, with Electronic-Invoice, with Electronic-Archive Invoice, In Advance)
  • The rate of VAT concerning to fulfilling process and information of amount of VAT and payment methods looking at the types (cash, credit/bank cards etc.)
  • Sales which is documented by bank or credit cards in the information vouchers, before the Number Z, Number Eku and MF code, must be the banking transaction information
  • The phrase "No Financial Value" must be before the banking transaction information
  • At the very end have to be the MF code and Number Z
  • On the printed invoices, as well as in the information voucher must be the information of: Date, Cheque Number, Number Z and Serial Number of New Generation Payment Recording Devices

2. Information Voucher of Electronic-Invoice / Electronic-Archive(Used instead of Waybill)

Being a tax payers of Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive Invoice, the Electronic-Archive invoice must be composed for fulfilled sales or instead of waybill, by composing the information cheque with available product details, the product will delivery to the consumer. Information that should take place in Electronic-Invoice and Electronic-Archive of Information Cheque ( Used instead of Waybill ) are described below.

  • Seller's name, surname, firm official name, telephone number, tax number of identity card
  • Date, time and number of information voucher
  • In the upper part of information voucher and after the cheque number is written the phrase "Information Voucher"
  • Must be the Client tax identification number or Identity number(TR)
  • Expressions concerning to areas of sales types (with Invoice, with Electronic-Invoice, with Electronic-Archive Invoice, In Advance)
  • The rate of VAT concerning to fulfilling process and information of amount of VAT and payment methods looking at the types (cash, credit/bank cards etc.)
  • After the information concerning to operations have to be the expression "Used Instead of Waybill" and place for signature (must not be the expression of "No Financial Value"), and must be a detailed definition of products type and sum of sort quantity
  • Sales which is documented by bank or credit cards in the information vouchers, before the Number Z, Number Eku and MF code, must be the banking transaction information
  • At the very end have to be the MF code and Number Z
  • At sales with Electronic-Invoice the information of Date, Cheque Number, Z Number, Serial Number of New Generation Payment Recording Devices in UBL-TR format, should be in the section of Additional Document Reference Code as the Document Type 3100. In the Electronic-Archive invoices all these areas will be displayed in Electronic-Archive Invoice and saved in Electronic-Archive reports.

3. Advance Payment (PrePayment) Information Voucher

Before the realization of the sale of services and products, from the side of seller with condition of use of New Generation Payment Recording Devices, for amounts collected by advance payment from customer, by composing 2 copies of information cheque of advance payment from New Generation Payment Recording Devices, one copy should be given to the client and the other copy should be kept at the seller.

  • Seller's name, surname, firm official name, telephone number, tax number of identity card, Tax Office, registered internet address information
  • Date of Information Cheque, cheque number and time, collected advance amount, payment type
  • Must be: Client tax identification number or Identity number (TR), Name and Surname, and have to be the sections for Signature of Seller and CLient
  • 2 copies
  • In the information cheque, in the part of process type, the phrase "Advance Payment", Z Number, Eku Number, before the MF code and after the phrase "No Financial Value - An Invoice will be Composed then" will be the sections of signature of seller and customer, which are taking place in copies that have both of them
  • After the realization of services and delivery of products, the information advance cheques, provided in the tax law, have to be converted to invoice in the terms established by law
  • In the information cheque of advance payment, the information concerning to the sale of goods and services, will be written in invoice that will be composed
  • In the given information cheque of advance payment, the written information about client, in subsequent composed invoices, taking the place the information about client, obliged to be correct and appropriate

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